What we offer?

To provide complete convenience and comfort for our guests, we strive to provide a full range of services that contribute to an unforgettable experience.


Swimming Pool

Each of our villas has an outdoor swimming pool. And each pool, in turn, has a part with hydromassage jets (jacuzzi). The pools to our villas are located right next to the house, among pleasant summer gardens, suitable for sunburn and afternoon cocktail. Our Piho villas have a private swimming pool with a heating system, as well as a system that creates a feeling of swimming against the current, suitable for people who prefer intense swimming. Piho houses have an individual Jacuzzi with a wide range of hydromassage jets.



Each of our houses has private Wi-Fi and digital TV. Our guests will have the opportunity to work quietly from home, amidst the cool atmosphere of the sea breeze and the soothing view of Arapya Bay.


Fully Equipped Kitchen

Our kitchens are fully equipped for the peaceful and delicious stay of our guests. Anyone who prefers the comfort and warmth of home-cooked food would have the opportunity to prepare it. Each of our kitchens has:

  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Hot plates
  • Toaster
  • Coffee machine
  • Absorber
  • Household utensils (plates, cups, utensils, pans, etc.)


In the uncertain and rapidly changing times we are in, the Cabo Villas complex strives to provide a safer, cleaner and more sustainable way to relax. The privacy and coziness of our guests are of paramount importance to us, so we strive for their full realization. Our guests have the freedom to have the entire space of their self-rented villa. The occupants of Cabo Villas have the opportunity at any time to enjoy the privacy that their particular villa offers.



Each of our houses has a mini market, the contents of which are fully available to our guests at any time of day. The idea for our mini-market came from the desire to provide an exclusive type of service that will facilitate and support the convenience of our guests. Unlike the standard hotel minibar, our mini-market seeks to make it easier for our guests in times of shortage, not to take advantage of their situation. That’s why Cabo Minimarket is just a supplement to our portfolio of services. Our Minimarket has a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as basic foodstuffs.


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