Terms & Conditions

General conditions for accommodation at Cabo Villas

Check-in is after 15:00.

The room is vacated by 11:00 a.m.

Registration and receiving a key to access the premises is carried out by a responsible person at Cabo Villas at the time agreed by the guests. Early check-in is possible subject to availability and prior arrangement.

Late release is possible subject to availability with prior request to a representative. In case of late vacating a room, the first overdue hour is subject to payment in the amount of 10% of the overnight stay, the second overdue hour – 50%, the third and more hours at 100%, unless other conditions have been agreed with the owner or another responsible person.


Smoking in the premises is not recommended; when damage is found, a fine is imposed depending on the cost and scale of the damage.


Pets are allowed with prior request. A fee of BGN 15 per day is payable for a pet up to 15 kg and BGN 30 per day for a pet over 16 kg. When checking in, guests accompanied by their pets declare familiarity with the internal rules of the complex related to the accommodation of pets.

Accessibility and Security:

Cabo Villas is a gated complex with 24 hour video surveillance. Delcabo Ltd. is not responsible for incidents and accidents that occurred on the territory of the complex due to the fault of guests and/or property owners. Delcabo Ltd. will assist with all measures for the problem-free and successful resolution of controversial and unfavorable situations that have arisen.

Access to the territory of the complex is controlled by means of a pass mode. Parking for guests staying in a property managed by Delcabo Ltd is free; advance reservation is not necessary.

Please notify a representative of Delcabo Ltd in case you are traveling with a specialized vehicle or one requiring special space and attention.

Rights and obligations:

Delcabo Ltd undertakes to provide the client with the services requested and paid for in full. Delcabo Ltd undertakes not to change the price of the services paid by the customer, except in exceptional cases, when this is economically justified. When the customer makes a reservation, he enters into contractual relations with Delcabo Ltd and accepts the general conditions. Customers using the services of Delcabo Ltd should be adults according to Bulgarian legislation – for clarity /over 18 (eighteen) years old/. Children are only admitted if they are accompanied by their parents or other legal representatives. Guests are required to be extremely careful and considerate throughout their stay at Cabo Villas, especially those staying with children. The representatives of the house are not responsible for persons under the age of 18 left unattended.


The owner or his representative does NOT accept responsibility for:

Any physical injury, illness, loss, damage, inconvenience or additional expenses incurred by guests and their accompanying persons, regardless of the cause;

  • Pool – Guests and customers of Cabo Villas are advised and enter into this contractual relationship with the full understanding that Cabo Villas and its employees are not responsible for injuries to guests at or in the pools of the villas. Guests are fully responsible for themselves and their children when using or around the pool.
  • Inability of guests to stay in the house due to impeding circumstances of a personal nature (cancellation of vacation, loss of documents, etc.);
  • In case of force majeure (force majeure) – natural or natural disasters (torrential rains, floods, snowstorms, blizzards, hail, earthquakes, landslides and others); blockades (of roads, borders and others), fire, industrial accidents; wars and others; as well as other events beyond the owner’s control that render Cabo Villas unsafe or unusable.

All guests and visitors of Cabo Villas are required to observe the accepted norms of conduct. Illegal or immoral activities such as gambling, drug use, possession or use of pyrotechnics or dangerous goods, and possession or use of firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited.

Delcabo Ltd. is not responsible for lost, forgotten or stolen items from the rooms, the dining room, as well as for damages caused by third parties. Delcabo Ltd. is not responsible for damages caused by actions of third parties.

Damages or Losses:

It is the duty of the guests to treat the property of Delcabo Ltd with the care of a good owner. The owner or his representative may require guests to vacate the guest house immediately, in the event of excessive or unacceptable loss or damage at any time during the stay in the house, without right to compensation or refund of the amount paid. Damage or loss incurred during the stay at Cabo Villas shall be paid by guests in full at the market rate.

Prices and Complaints:

All prices announced on the Cabo Villas website, as well as in the complex’s e-mail messages sent to the client, are in Bulgarian leva with VAT and tourist tax included. In some cases, they may be tied to other offers, promotions and terms. If you need additional information about our offers, our team is at your disposal. The costs incurred for additional services are not calculated in the price of the reservation and are paid additionally on the spot in the house. Amounts for services requested but not used in whole or in part due to the client’s fault are not refundable.

All complaints related to the quality of the paid services must be submitted by the customer on site in the house for the elimination of weaknesses. The submission is made in writing. In the event that the claims are not satisfied, the customer should request a report from the responsible person. Within 3 working days after it is drawn up, the client will receive the official opinion on the problem from the house management.

Price list season 06.2023-09.2023

*Pasota Apart – 1 bedroom – BGN 385 per night

*Villa Cani – 2 bedrooms – BGN 550 per night

*Villa Lolailo – 2 bedrooms – BGN 550 per night

*Villa Macarra – 3 bedrooms – BGN 770 per night

*Villa Cabo Lux – 3 bedrooms BGN 1,210 per night

Reservation and Guarantee:

Types of bookings:


Not guaranteed

A guaranteed reservation is one for which Delcabo Ltd. has received partial or full payment, or a valid credit / debit card, according to the terms of the offer provided to the customer. The guaranteed reservation is valid until the end of the check-in day; in case the guest does not show up for check-in by the end of the day, the reservation is considered a “no-show”. Amounts paid for “no-show” type reservations are not subject to reimbursement and use for future accommodation, except for individual cases considered and confirmed by Delcabo Ltd.

A non-guaranteed booking is one for which Delcabo Ltd. has not received a guarantee in the form of payment or a valid credit/debit card. Non-guaranteed reservations are valid, subject to availability, until 6:00 p.m. on the day of check-in. After 6:00 p.m. on the day of check-in, Delcabo Ltd. has the right to cancel the reservation and, in the event of the client’s arrival, offer a currently available room and price.

Reservations are accepted directly at:

e-mail: reservations@cabovillas.bg

phone: +359 884 272 440; +359 889 455 668;

According to the type of pricing policy chosen by the customer, the reservation is guaranteed with:

Standard price policy – the value of 50% of the selected package and type of accommodation is required to be paid within 3 days after receiving a price offer;

Flexible pricing policy – prepayment is not required; the reservation is guaranteed with a valid credit / debit card; the hotel reserves the right to authorize the value of the first night at any time after making the reservation;

Price policy Non Refundable – 100% prepayment for the selected package and type of accommodation is required within 3 days after an offer is provided.

Types of payments:

Bank transfer

First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG88FINV91501017474319


Delcabo Ltd

The basis for payment is the name and period confirmed by the client.

By debit / credit card

If the customer confirms a wish for cashless payment by card, to the email address specified by the customer, Delcabo Ltd. provides a form – “authorization form”. The customer should fill in the data marked in the form, sign the form and send it electronically to Delcabo Ltd.

Delcabo Ltd. is obliged to notify the customer in writing and with a copy of the payment document of the enforceability of the transaction.

Capacities and types of accommodation:

Delcabo Ltd. provides accommodation in the Cabo Villas complex. Types of premises and maximum capacity:

Villa Cabo Lux – six adults;

Villa Cani – four adults;

Villa Lolailo – four adults;

Villa Macarra – six adults;

Pasota Apart – two adults;

All persons over the age of 11.99 are considered adults, according to the regulations in the Cabo Villas complex. The advertised accommodation prices are for regular beds for the given room. Surcharge for extra bed and accommodation above the number of regular beds is calculated according to the “Children’s Policy”

Child Policy:

Children from 0 to 5.99 years. are considered a baby – accommodation is free;

Child from 6 to 11.99 years. placed on an extra bed, pays 35% of the price of a regular bed for the selected offer; a second child placed on an extra bed is free;

Children over 12 years old and adults accommodated on an extra bed, pay 70% of the price of a regular bed for the selected offer.


The fee payable for a canceled reservation is determined by the period of the reservation, receipt of cancellation and the cancellation policy of the offer selected by the customer.

Standard and Flexible price level – in case of cancellation received by 18:00 up to 2 days before check-in – no penalty; in case of cancellation received later than 2 days before check-in or no-show – the amount paid in advance is retained as a penalty.

Price level Non-Refundable – in case of cancellation received at any time after receiving the confirmation and making payment, the amount paid in advance is not subject to refund or use for a future reservation; reservations with a non-refundable price policy are not subject to change of period or names.

Reservations with discounts and early bookings accept cancellation and guarantee conditions at the price level Non-Refundable.

In case of premature release of the room, the remaining amount of the reservation is not subject to refund or use for a future period, but is retained as a penalty. Amounts paid for canceled reservations subject to refund to the customer are paid by Delcabo Ltd in the form of a “substitute voucher” or are paid in the manner received. The payment of sums to customers is within 30 working days from the date of the canceled reservation.

Additional provisions:

If guests plan to hold an event, such as a wedding or party, that involves more people than the sleeping capacity of Cabo Villas, or if guests intend to use the property for a purpose other than vacation, they must inform us at the time of your reservation.

In cases of violation of public order (loud noise and music after 11:00 p.m.) and a report is made to the law enforcement authorities, the guests take full responsibility for resolving the incident. If sanctions, fines, acts, receipts and other punishments provided for by the Bulgarian legislation are imposed by the law enforcement authorities, they are fully covered by the guests in whose presence the violations were found.

By completing the reservation, guests agree that they have read these terms and conditions, understand them and accept them without exception and cannot be disputed.

Delcabo Ltd. reserves the right to change the information in the general conditions in case of changes in the laws regulating its activity.